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GMFP Tracker

The Green Monetary and Financial Policies (GMFP) Tracker  maps the global landscape of monetary and financial policies aimed at mitigating climate risk. Policies are organized in three categories:

  • Financial policies, which include regulatory measures by central banks and supervisors
  • Monetary policies
  • Additional policies, which include changes to central bank mandates.

Select the map view to compare the number of enacted policies across jurisdictions. Filter the policies by country, policy category and G20- or NGFS-membership. A detailed view of country specific policies is available which includes the date of enactment as well as the relevant institutions for its implementation.

We have currently included the G20 countries, other EU member states and Latin America. Our database is continually updated with new developments

LitCMF Tracker

The Literature on Climate, Macroeconomics and, Finance (LitCMF) Tracker reviews literature on climate economics and organizes it around relevant clusters. The literature is first divided into two groups:

  • Research that seeks to quantify and understand the risks of climate change;
  • Research that analyzes our policy options and responses to climate risk.

Browse through the classification hierarchy to identify a group of literature to explore in more depth. The research is searchable by analytical method, by climate impact, and by economic factors (i.e. dependent variable) to provide a snapshot of the research space. Detailed key features of each publication are included for in-depth review, as well as direct links to the articles.

This visualization is still under construction. However, the section on “Understanding the Risks” is open for in-depth exploration.

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