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Yasmine van der Straten (University of Amsterdam) discusses an interesting finding of her research: investors reward carbon emission intensive companies that make an effort to become more green, as the risk premium is smaller for emission intensive firms that engage in green innovation.
Incomplete markets and uncorrected environmental externalities result in the under-provision of low-carbon technologies. In her paper “Bringing breakthrough technologies to market: solar power and feed-in tariffs” , Sugandha Srivastav (University of Oxford) examines whether the United Kingdom’s renewable energy feed-in-tariff (FiT), which is a risk-reduction and price instrument, helped bring utility-scale solar energy to market.
Young Scholars' Webinars
Olivier Darmouni will present his paper with Yuqi Zhang, “Brown Capital (Re)Allocation” where they examine whether reallocating brown capital across investors might lead to a limited reduction in aggregate carbon emissions. The concern is that climate-conscious investors might stop at selling brown capital, instead of scaling it down, i.e. choosing “exit” over “voice.” .

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