The impact of climate change on price stability

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Nicolò Florenzio

Research Associate, E-axes Forum

To secure price stability and fulfill their primary mandate, policymakers should act promptly: interest rate management, expectation anchoring, financial stabilization, cooperation with fiscal authorities are just some of the tools at their disposal.

This is a brief based on a series of webinars we organized from March 28, 2022 to May 9, 2022.

The unequal economic consequences of carbon pricing” – Diego Känzig, London Business School

Feeling the heat: extreme temperatures and price stability” – Miles Parker, European Central Bank

Effects of Carbon Pricing on Inflation” – Richhild Moessner, Bank for International Settlements

Inflation and Climate Change” – High-level policy panel with Emanuel Mönch, Frankfurt School of Management, Misa Tanaka, Bank of England and Kartik Athreya, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

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