Ivan Faiella

“Climate Risk in the Italian Financial System: a Central Bank Perspective”

Event description

Ivan Faiella presented the paper “The climate risk for finance in Italy” he co-authored with Danila Malvolti. From the abstract:

The increasing attention paid to the possible consequences of climate change for the financial sector has strengthened international cooperation on green finance, with initiatives from both the industry and the institutions. International surveys show that so far there has been no adequate growth in awareness of the risks linked to climate change and the opportunities linked to the transition towards a low carbon economy.

Evidence acquired on Climate-Related Financial Risk (CRFR) disclosure in Italy has confirmed these conclusions. We have therefore identified three steps with the aim of encouraging financial institutions to take CRFR into account in their corporate risk management strategies: 1) create an information hub; 2) compile a list of the information not yet available; 3) define standard methodologies that allow the climate scenarios to be part of the decision-making processes of financial institutions.


Matteo di Castelnuovo
SDA Professor of Practice in Energy Economics at SDA Bocconi School of Management

Ivan Faiella

Ivan Faiella is a Senior Economist at the Bank of Italy. He works on energy and environmental economics and is interested in wealth and income distribution, survey statistics and microeconometrics.

Paper and slides

“Climate Risk in the Italian Financial System: a Central Bank Perspective” (paper)

“Climate Risk in the Italian Financial System: a Central Bank Perspective” (slides)



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