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April 20, 2023
David Ramos Muñoz
David Ramos Muñoz, Pierre Monnin, Stephen G. Cecchetti
Professor of Commercial Law
Universidad Carlos III of Madrid
Pierre Monnin
Senior Fellow
Council on Economic Policies (CEP)
Stephen G. Cecchetti
Professor and Rosen Family Chair in International Finance
Brandeis International Business School
December 12, 2022
Fernanda Nechio
Fernanda Nechio, Glenn Rudebusch, Patrick Bolton, Pierre Monnin
Vice President, Sustainable Growth Research
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Glenn Rudebusch
Nonresident Senior Fellow
Brookings Institution
Patrick Bolton
Research Director and Professor of Finance & Economics
Centre for Climate Finance & Investment, Imperial College London
Pierre Monnin
Senior Fellow
Council on Economic Policies
November 3, 2022
Julia Trabert
Julia Trabert, Tan Schelling, Cassandra Archer
Senior Supervisor
European Central Bank
Tan Schelling
Senior Economist
Swiss National Bank
Cassandra Archer
Co-Head of Climate Club
Bank of England
October 24, 2022
James Edmonds
Dr. James Edmonds, Isabela Ribeiro Damaso Maia, Jean Boissinot
Chief Scientist and Battelle Fellow
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Joint Global Change Research Institute
Isabela Ribeiro Damaso Maia
Head of Department, Sustainability and International Portfolio Investors
Banco Central do Brasil
Jean Boissinot
Head of Secretariat of the Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS) and Deputy Director for Financial Stability
The Banque de France
Panel, Policy
July 11, 2022
Katrin Assenmacher
Katrin Assenmacher, Ivan Faiella
Head of Monetary Policy Strategy Division
European Central Bank
Ivan Faiella
Director and Coordinator of the Climate Change and Sustainability Hub
Bank of Italy
Panel, Policy
May 9, 2022
Emanuel Mönch
Emanuel Mönch, Kartik Athreya, Misa Tanaka
Professor of Financial and Monetary Economics
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Misa Tanaka
Head of Research
Bank of England
Kartik Athreya
Executive Vice President and Director of Research
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Panel, Policy
March 14, 2022
Irene Monasterolo
Sujit Kapadia, Irene Monasterolo, and William Oman
Professor of Climate Finance
EDHEC Business School
Sujit Kapadia
Head of Market-Based Finance Division, DG Macroprudential Policy & Financial Stability
European Central Bank
William Oman
International Monetary Fund
Panel, Research
November 22, 2021
Katie Kedward
Katie Kedward (UCL), Melina Papoutsi (ECB)
Policy Fellow in Sustainable Finance at the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose
University College London
Melina Papoutsi
Senior Economist, Financial Research Division
European Central Bank
August 31, 2021
Stephen Cecchetti
Stephen Cecchetti and Rick van der Ploeg
Rosen Family Chair in International Finance
Brandeis International Business School
Rick van der Ploeg
Professor of Economics and Research Director of the Oxford Centre for Analysis of Resource Rich Economies
University of Oxford
March 22, 2021
Rafael Del Villar Alrich
Rafael Del Villar Alrich, Mariana Escobar Uribe, Carolina Flores Tapia
Chief Advisor to the Governor
Banco de México
Mariana Escobar Uribe
Head of Sustainable Finance
Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia
Carolina Flores Tapia
Head of the Market Development Unit, Research Division
Commission for the Financial Market of Chile

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