Webinar Category: Policy

Panel, Policy
July 11, 2022
Katrin Assenmacher
Katrin Assenmacher, Ivan Faiella
Head of Monetary Policy Strategy Division
European Central Bank
Ivan Faiella
Director and Coordinator of the Climate Change and Sustainability Hub
Bank of Italy
Panel, Policy
May 9, 2022
Emanuel Mönch
Emanuel Mönch, Kartik Athreya, Misa Tanaka
Professor of Financial and Monetary Economics
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Misa Tanaka
Head of Research
Bank of England
Kartik Athreya
Executive Vice President and Director of Research
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Panel, Policy
March 14, 2022
Irene Monasterolo
Sujit Kapadia, Irene Monasterolo, and William Oman
Professor of Climate Finance
EDHEC Business School
Sujit Kapadia
Head of Market-Based Finance Division, DG Macroprudential Policy & Financial Stability
European Central Bank
William Oman
International Monetary Fund
February 28, 2022
Michela Scatigna
Michela Scatigna & Omar Zulaica – Banking Department, BIS
Asset management specialist, Banking Department
Bank for International Settlements
Omar Zulaica
Senior Asset Management Specialist, Banking, Reserve Management Advisory Services
Bank for International Settlements
December 6, 2021
Laura Parisi
Team Lead, ECB Climate Change Centre
European Central Bank
November 8, 2021
Francesco Drudi
Principal Adviser and Country coordinator for Greece
European Central Bank
April 12, 2021
Jens van ‘t Klooster
Postdoctoral fellow
KU Leuven and the University of Amsterdam
January 25, 2021
Pierre-François Weber
Deputy Director, Monetary Policy Implementation
Banque de France
November 16, 2020
Laurent Clerc
Director for Research and Risk Analysis
Banque de France
July 13, 2020
Ivan Faiella
Senior Economist
Bank of Italy

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